RMA Policy

    RMA Procedure
    ① Write the contents according to the RMA form.
    ② Send defective products with RMA number to CPRO
    ③ The RMA team will repair the defective product and send it back to the customer
    Within Warranty
    · If the defective product is within the warranty period, the customer will send the product to CPRO and the shipping cost will burden on CPRO
    · CPRO repairs the product and delivers it to the customer, and the cost is borne by the customer.
    · However, repair costs are incurred if the product is defective, and the customer is burdened with repair costs.
    Out of Warranty
    · If the warranty period of the defective product expires, the customer sends the product to CPRO and the customer pays for the shipping cost.
    · CPRO informs the customer of the repair costs incurred in repairing the product and verifies the repair progress and the repair and delivery costs burden on the customer

    For products that cannot be verified for warranty due to the serial number missing, please register RMA on the “Warranty Out” page

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